Every cake is special.

Once upon a time...

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 … a mom of three with a love of all things sweet and creative wanted to share her passion for beautiful, fun and delicious treats. She started off in 2009, doing Candy Buffets and making treats for family, and friends and the occasional baking too. Her favorite was baking for fundraising events for her favorite charity, Relay for Life and everyone loved her desserts.

Then, one fateful day in 2013, while on maternity leave, her employer did away with her position. She found herself looking for work. In this process the Job Center suggested everyone should look at what they know how to do and use it to find work. It didn't occur to her then, that she indeed had something she could use. One very bad motor vehicle accident, 3 surgeries to reconstruct her wrist, and 8 months looking for work while healing in a cast from fingertip to shoulder left her remembering those words "tap into your existing talents and make them work for you".

She spent days in the kitchen mixing and matching flavors and colors to make exciting combinations and staged beautiful mouth watering displays of candy and treats. She asked friends and family to taste test unique and classic flavors. She came up with delicious recipes using fresh ideas and ingredients. Fortunately, people shared Chari's desire for delicious bites made with wholesome, fresh, local ingredients and lots of love, and her following grew.

In 2016, thanks to the loyalty of her clients and her rapid growth, Chari opened her own Cake Studio and Dessert Shop and realized her cake dream...making people happy with sweet and delicious home made sweets!

Today Chari spends her days planning weddings, events and parties with beautiful displays of cake, candy and treats, making and decorating custom cakes in all shapes and sizes or baking up other confectionary magic in the kitchen just for you to enjoy!